What exactly is PALS?

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What exactly is PALS?
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Whether you're looking for a new car,SUV, or truck, I will try to make the process easier and straightforward. No surprises!

Company History
PALS has been in business, getting new vehicles for individuals and small fleets, and is celebrating 32 years in business!  I do NO ADVERTISING, I never have. I rely, instead, on the good word of mouth from my clients. Ask the person who sent you here. They'll tell you how easy it is to get a new car from me. Many of my customers are professional people, doctors, lawyers, and especially financial professionals...CPA's, bankers, and financial planners. In fact, most of my new clients come through the referral of their own accountant...who is already my customer! (They contact me about all sorts of things that involve, tires, dents, anything that has to do with their car.) They consider me their automotive financial advisor.

I think in financial terms for my customers.In other words, "Cars depreciate very quickly. You are guaranteed to lose money no matter how you pay for a vehicle. My job is to try and figure how to "lose you less money!" I do not think like a car salesman and I never treat my clients like one!!

PALS...since 1983!