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All by referral...since 1983!

What's SO different about

Many of my clients come referred to me from their own accountant or financial expert. I have become a trusted and essential part of their financial planning. I am the "auto expense" expert for these people. My philosophy about cars is that there is always a BEST way to plan the very large expense my customers encounter and to try and save them the maximum amount of money over a period of years. In other words, I'm here for the long haul, not just to slap someone in a car and never see them gain. Some of you are just sent to me by a friend, but chances are, they were ultimately referred by someone who's a finance professional. Ask them, you'll see...
My percentage of repeat business is extremely high!
I don't  negotiate on pricing of cars. Pricing, for me, is much the same as an electrician getting the cost of a switch from the warehouse. That's how my clients know there's no need to haggle with me! I have a very special relationship with the dealers I work with. You can shop with them, through me, with no car salesman hassle or pressure! 
A few things..I'm not!
* I'm Not a "broker"
* I'm Not a "middle man"
* I'm Not a "leasing agent"